Xavier Ho

My work is curiosity-driven.

For research contact: xavier.ho@monash.edu

I focus on high-impact, applicable real-time data visualisation problems.

We live in a world of sensors and recording devices that can be used for good, but that comes with a few challenges too. The first hurdle in pursing visualisation-based research is to know that not everything is permanent or on record, and that some problems are not ready for it yet. The second is to understand that data is not a solution to problems; instead, data are means to understand problems and devise solutions.

My practice stems from cinematography, software engineering, and design research. The work I take on is what I'm personally interested and invested in. Curiosity is my guiding star.

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Xavier Ho


I am the creator of Roguelike Universe, Smoke and Fire, and other interactive data visualisations. Today I practice visualisation design and undertake research with my practice at Monash Art, Design and Architecture.

In my career so far, I have over seven years of industry experience in co-designing interactive data visualisation tools for research, government, businesses, and the everyday citizen. I was the lead front-end engineer on CSIRO's early algal bloom detection tool (this tool would later be nominated as Finalist in Digital Design, Victorian Premier's Design Awards) and CSIRO Data61's Graincast, a grains yield forecasting platform. I'm a frequent conference contributor, and I also contributed to various open source software projects.

Prior to joining the Monash family, I led the Graph Visualisation Engineering team at CSIRO designing visualisations for machine learning on networked data. I also served as an individual contributor for interactive scientific visualisation. My most notable contribution was for trailblazing the web version of Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT), which was then recommended by the Office of Northern Australia, and won the Australian Government's Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper. (The team would go on to win a CSIRO Medal for Sir Ian McLennan Impact from Science and Engineering.)

Jump to Glide is my videography studio and consultancy, backed by my vocational cinematography education at Vancouver Film School, where I specialised in 3D visual effects. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at Griffith University with first-class honours. While working as an engineer, I obtained his PhD in design at Design Lab, The University of Sydney through conceptualising and visualising idea networks. I possess a multidisciplinary mindset in both practice and academic inquiry. My research interests include data visualisation, design research, game studies, and interactive computer graphics. I dabble in queer theory, too.

I served as a major working committee member of Pride@CSIRO, whose work was recognised by the inaugural CSIRO Diversity and Inclusion Medal by raising awareness and making institutional changes for LGBT+ equality at CSIRO. In my personal time, I practice barebow recurve archery with my boyfriend.

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